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Suspended Cradle Platform

Suspended Cradle Platform

You may have seen large buildings with almost 30 floors or even above. Have you wondered how at such high heights, painting of external walls, glass fixing, external brickwork, and all the other external work needed to build the building is done on the facades? Let us understand this!

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You may have seen large buildings with almost 30 floors or even above. Have you wondered how at such high heights, painting of external walls, glass fixing, external brickwork, and all the other external work needed to build the building is done on the facades? Let us understand this!

Constructions at such high heights need a proper mechanism for building, and they should be carried out safely. Using a suspended platform cradle is one of the most reliable techniques used instead of conventional scaffolding.


What is a suspended cradle system?

A suspended cradle consists of a suspension system mounted on a roof with a working platform and a man riding a hoist. The platform is suspended by steel wires or ropes, depending on the cradle type. There are many types of suspended cradles available according to the work needed to be done.

The suspended cradle system consists of –

  • Suspended platform
  • Pedal hoists
  • Safety locks
  • Suspension device
  • Balance weights
  • Wire ropes

The initial setting up of suspended platforms and final removal is faster than traditional methods.

Uses of a suspended cradle for different structures

Suspended cradles are not only used for buildings but also for several other structures such as –

  • Industrial structures such as factories and warehouses
  • Different entertainment venues such as stadiums
  • Building power stations, wind turbines, and other plants such as hydroelectric plants.
  • Maintenance, or even building new heritage sites and monuments.
  • Building bridges also need cradle and even other offshore projects.

Thus, you can observe the importance of a suspended cradle in most construction projects. Cradles are often used in cities than in rural areas with a range of different functions that can be carried out.

How Boltrack is an ideal suspended cradle platform service provider for your project?

Boldtrack is the leading suspended cradle provider hi-tech company. Expertise in manufacturing sophisticated systems optimal for installation on the roof of the building and adjustable lengths according to the requirements for customer comfort.

But one of the most eye-catching features that we provide as a company is as follows –

  1. Distinct work by our engineers with creative designs and value-based bespoke products

Our engineers’ unique ideas combined to make innovative designs while keeping essential pointers in mind, hence enhancing product outcomes and keeping up with the technology. With feasible designs, you also get value-based solutions.

  1. Extensive maintenance facility and routine services for suspended cradle

High maintenance service is followed by our expert engineers teaming up with the manufacturers without missing any minute step in the check-up. After the routine check-up, maintenance testing ensures the company achieves safety measures.

  1. Proficient workforce

Boltrack believes that our service profile is created based on the staff you have to work with. It is essential to have an efficient team of engineers, manufacturers, designers, etc. if the staff is determined and compassionate, it shows the efforts in the service. Therefore, all the staff is recruited by looking into their talents. If they are up-to-date with ongoing programs and technologies, they are hired.

  1. Contribute to providing training to the workers

We make sure that whoever works with the suspended cradle or manages it has adequate knowledge and training regarding the same. They are trained at the appropriate level to operate the cradle. Thus, we follow The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER). Through this safety of our workers is also safeguarded.

  1. Different kinds of cradles and hoists are available for rent

Boltrack provides a suspended platform cradle on rent for either a short period or an extended period. The cost depends upon several factors such as which type of cradle is needed, what duration of time and any damage may cost more than the given estimate. Our cradles are fully maintained and tested.

Certain limitations

Cradles are easy to install on the roof of a building. This suspended platform cradle eases and has it all sorted out in case of work. But with its advantages, it indeed comes with some limitations. Some of them are as follows –

  1. There is some safe working load applicable that cannot be exceeded on the suspended platform.
  2. There is also an estimate of the maximum number of persons that can be carried through the platform at one time.
  3. It is available at a fixed maximum length and not more than that for one suspended platform. If you reach the total size of height, then it cannot be increased further.
  4. The rated lift speed is also fixed for suspended platforms. This ensures safety for the customers.

Hence, there is a capacity for how much weight can be carried on the platform at once, and even the maximum height length is fixed.

More about suspended cradle platform and Boltrack

Boltrack is an actively engrossed company in manufacturing the safest suspended platforms. By using the best quality approved material for manufacturing and deciding the basic design norms. Leading to a flawless finish of the product and with top-notch material used to build. Here presenting the most reliable, accessible, and pocket-friendly suspended platform service.

We are involved in providing the best service experience to the customers, from manufacturing to providing guidelines on how to use and manage the suspended platforms to maintaining and conducting regular surveys. We have established our name by talking directly through our service. Because our users trusted us for several years, we have attained the heights of success.

Suspended wire rope platforms are temporarily suspended equipment used to replace traditional scaffolding. This is the equipment driven by electric energy for working at heights. The suspended platform cradle is suspended by wire ropes vertically on the building or any other construction site such as multi-floor commercial spaces.

One of the most efficiently used equipment in India is the Gondola cradle. There is a suspension mechanism on the roof of the building through which the suspended platform moves.


We are in the field of customization we are the ones who can design the cradle as per your site’s needs. we have a “CURVE” SHAPE CRADLE, “W” SHAPE CRADLE, CRADLE FOR CHIMNEY WORK, “SQUARE” SHAPE CRADLE & “L” SHAPE CRADLE loaded with modern safety accessories. The company’s products are advanced in design, safe, reliable, and easy to use. They are low-cost and require simple maintenance.

We Set New Industry Standards

The company possesses advanced equipment, sophisticated testing methods, and first-rate product manufacturing abilities. The company introduced high precise machining centers and numerically-controlled machine tools; Formulated reasonable manufacturing techniques; and independently developed testing equipment for advanced Suspended platform hoists, fall arresters, and electrical apparatus control systems & safety locks. The company exercises strict control over the whole manufacturing process based on scientific testing flows and adheres to the latest quality system ISO:9001-2015 to perform quality control over its products. It holds that the quality of products determines the destiny of a company and is fundamental to its development.


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