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Gondola Suspended Platform

Gondola Suspended Platform

Gondola suspended platform – raising your buildings with competent types of equipment!

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With the new age of construction development, there is the development of various equipment developing for construction. Similarly, with the coming of new equipment, there is a gradual shift observed from using traditional and unsafe construction mechanisms to changing new types of equipment. And one of these is a gondola suspended platform.

Gondola suspended platform

The gondola suspended platform is also known as the “rope suspended platform.” The name defines the technique. The Gondola is a high-efficiency model used at heights for several jobs such as installing glass facades, curtain wall installation, painting, external wall plastering, as well as maintaining the exterior surfaces of any building.

The Gondola is an efficient and even safe method to be reliable and opt. Scaffolding the old practice was unsafe for workers. In today’s days, getting a skilled workforce is challenging. So, to ensure the safety of people, contractors opt for this method nowadays.

Safety ensured by Gondola

  • If the main rope breaks off the Gondola, the safety lock gets activated and holds the Gondola suspended platform with an excellent grip.
  • An anti-tilting cut-off protection system is the mechanism of balancing the load uniformly over the platform. If the load gets concentrated on one side, it may lead to unsafe conditions. This usually gets activated if the platform angle is tilted more than 4 degrees and instantaneously results in cutting down the power supply.
  • The centrifugal speed limiter is the device that acquires control over the platform’s speed when needed. In cases like brake failures as well as free-fall, this device helps. At the same time, travelling upwards or downwards, if there is an inevitable increase in speed beyond the limit, the device gets actuated and stops the operation.
  • Locking of upper counterweights. The upper weights are locked with a lock and key firmly to avoid the unauthorized removal of consequences.
  • The electric panel of the platform should also be locked to avoid unauthorized operations by anyone else other than the operator in charge.

Customization of cradle

These platforms or cradles can be customized according to their work, such as painting, plastering, etc. there are several shapes of cradle available, for example, ‘curve” shape cradle, “W” shape cradle, “L” shaped cradle, “S” shaped cradle, as well as a cradle for chimney works. A single suspended cradle is used for painting purposes on high rises.

Well-trained and experienced operators and workers

It is highly essential to have a well-trained workforce while working at such construction sites. The risks of any accident can be avoided if the workers and operators have basic knowledge of the devices they are involved with.

Every person operating the Gondola suspended platform or working with it should be:

  1. At least 18 years old;
  2. Has undergone training from any recognized commander or else the head operator of a suspended operating platform or even a local agent;
  3. A fit and active person with no height phobia; and
  4. Has a certificate from the respective person who trained them.

This training of a person before engaging in the actual work should include –

  1. Basic knowledge about the suspended platform and its system.
  2. About all the features and safety devices for security.
  3. Appropriate uses of all the safety devices such as safety belts, self-sustaining lifelines, and other fittings.
  4. Awareness should be spread about all the emergency procedures as well as precautions that need to be taken. In contrast, in instances such as malfunctioning, use of proper communications devices at the construction sites, manual cranking of a platform when power failure takes place, etc.

All this care should be taken and looked after as it is always better to be cautious.

Dismantling, maintenance, and more about suspended platforms

The dismantling and erection of any part of the suspended platforms should be done under the proper supervision. A well-experienced person with the help of an assembly manual in this field or even under the manufacturer’s supervision would work.

All the parts of suspended platforms should be maintained with proper instructions and taken care of. All the apparatus, the mechanical and the electrical, require maintenance. Under correct supervision, the parts perform the functions intended.

The broken or worn-out parts, damaged devices, and sticky switches that may interfere with the safety of a person should be replaced.

Suspended wire rope platforms are temporarily suspended equipment used by replacing traditional scaffolding. This is the equipment driven by electric energy for working at heights. The suspended platform is suspended by wire ropes vertically on the building or any other construction site such as multi-floor commercial spaces.

One of the most efficiently used equipment in India is the Gondola cradle. There is a suspension mechanism on the roof of the building through which the rope-suspended platform moves.


We are in the field of customization we are the ones who can design the cradle as per your site’s needs. we have a “CURVE” SHAPE CRADLE, “W” SHAPE CRADLE, CRADLE FOR CHIMNEY WORK, “SQUARE” SHAPE CRADLE & “L” SHAPE CRADLE loaded with modern safety accessories. The company’s products are advanced in design, safe, reliable, and easy to use. They are low-cost and require simple maintenance.

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The company possesses advanced equipment, sophisticated testing methods, and first-rate product manufacturing abilities. The company introduced highly precise machining centers and numerically-controlled machine tools; Formulated reasonable manufacturing techniques; and independently developed testing equipment for advanced Suspended platform hoists, fall arresters, and electrical apparatus control systems & safety locks. The company exercises strict control over the whole manufacturing process based on scientific testing flows and adheres to the latest quality system ISO:9001-2015 to perform quality control over its products. It holds that the quality of products determines the destiny of a company and is fundamental to its development.