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Have you ever seen the huge glass buildings? If yes, have you wondered how these glasses are installed? Installing glass sheets is very risky.

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Have you ever seen substantial glass buildings? If yes, have you wondered how these glasses are installed? Installing glass sheets is very risky. Lifting the glass at such heights needs glass lifting equipment for protection. Focusing on workers is the only ethos we follow. The glass lifting equipment is capable of handling large weights.


Glass lifting for advancement

The glass lifting equipment is at the cutting edge of tech. The glass handling tools and equipment is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 3% in the upcoming time. The accelerated growth and demand of human beings for aesthetically pleasing features have expanded the market’s need for glass lifting equipment.

In business and homes, we understood a need for machines that lifted heavy glass and eased installation. So we created devices and other equipment that would make the process effortless.


Glass lifting equipment is used to safely move and handle large sheets of glass during construction and renovation projects. This type of equipment typically includes specialized cranes, hoists, and suction cups designed to lift and move glass panels without damaging them.


The vacuum lifter is one of the most common types of glass lifting equipment. This device uses suction cups to grip the glass and lift it into place securely. The vacuum is created by a pump connected to the suction cups, and it can be adjusted to provide the right amount of holding force for the specific type and thickness of glass being lifted. Some vacuum lifters have multiple suction cups positioned to grip different parts of the glass, while others have specialized attachments that can be used to lift and move glass with unique shapes or features.

Another type of glass lifting equipment is the crane. Cranes can lift and move heavy glass panels into position with high precision. They can be mounted on a truck or trailer, moved to different job sites, or permanently installed on a building under construction. Cranes are controlled by an operator and have a lot of safety measures like brakes, limit switches, load indicators and anti-collision systems.

Finally, specialized hoists, slings, and harnesses are available for lifting and moving glass. These devices can be used in conjunction with cranes, vacuum lifters, or other equipment to provide additional support and control during the glass handling process.

Following safety guidelines and properly training personnel to use this glass lifting equipment is important. Improper usage of such equipment can cause serious injury or even death.


Our glass lifters’ assurance

  1. Safety while working with the glass

    – with the best engineers and materials, we manufacture our glass lifters so that you can rely on us for your protection with no haste.

  2. Ergonomic glass equipment

    – the glass lifting through our glass lifters will feel comfortable and a smooth process. They are developed and designed for comfort in the working environment.

  3. Reduces labour expenses

    – using glass lifters in construction will reduce labour costs and eventually benefit you.

  4. Save time in your operations

    – using glass lifters will save time by speeding up the process instead of using employees to lift the load. This will also keep your employees back from straining.

  5. Can carry large panels

    – glass lifting machines can safely and efficiently have large panels from one place to another, be it in the warehouse or the working site.

  6. Precise installation of glass

    – we are confident in our product. We conduct experiments to test whether we would like to make any changes. This ensures that the product does the work perfectly. This certifies the precise installation of glass.

We offer a wide range of Glass Equipment devices.

At Boltrack, we understand that every customer has unique requirements when it comes to glass lifting equipment. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of options to ensure you can find the perfect device to meet your needs. Our collection of glass lifters includes different types of cups, elevators, and vacuum suction glass lifters to provide you with the versatility you need. Whether you are working on a construction site, moving glass panels around a workshop, or need to transport heavy glass pieces, we have the perfect device to make your job easier and more efficient.

We are committed to providing only the highest quality glass lifting equipment; all our devices are manufactured to the highest standards. We understand the importance of safety when handling heavy glass panels, which is why all of our glass lifters are equipped with safety features such as automatic locking mechanisms and fall arresters. Our range of glass lifting equipment is easy to use and maintain, making it the ideal choice for contractors, builders, and workshop owners.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable and versatile glass lifting equipment solution, look no further than Boltrack. Our wide range of devices and our commitment to quality and safety make us the go-to provider for all your glass lifting needs. Browse our collection today and find your perfect glass lifter!

How to choose the perfect glass lifter amongst various options?

We agree; sometimes, you might get confused about which glass lifter will do the perfect job for your work. But we have a solution for this too! Our representative will help you with this and guide you in choosing the ideal glass lifter you need. Get in touch with us, and give us a brief about the work you are doing, from the type of construction to the load you need to carry. Then this is it. Our representative will assist you further.

When choosing the perfect glass lifter, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Load capacity: Determine the weight of the glass panel and choose a glass lifter that can safely support it.
  2. Lift height: Consider the height to which the glass panel needs to be lifted, and select a glass lifter with sufficient height.
  3. Type of glass: Ensure the glass lifter is compatible with the type of glass you will be handling (e.g. tempered, laminated, etc.).
  4. Manoeuvrability: Consider the space available for the lifter to operate in and choose a model with good manoeuvrability for ease of use.
  5. Safety features: Look for lifters with automatic locking mechanisms and fall arresters to protect the operator and the glass panel.
  6. Maintenance and durability: Choose a glass lifter that is easy to maintain and has a long lifespan to reduce costs over time.
  7. Cost: Compare the features and prices of different glass lifters to choose the best option that fits your budget.

Considering these factors, you can choose the perfect glass lifter that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Glass Lifter Hire – How to get a glass lifter from Boltrack? 

The process of getting equipment from us is not hectic at all, and you have to follow some simple steps, and that is it. But firstly, let’s understand in what form we give our equipment to use.

We offer you a glass lifting equipment rental basis.

You can contact us on our email Id, contact number, or even address already available on our website. We are always available for our customers even if you have any queries regarding our service and equipment. We will reach out to you as soon as possible in case of any inconvenience.

Get your glass lifter hired from one of the most convenient and foremost companies in this field. You can choose any glass lifting equipment rental from us. You must mention how long you want the equipment and the estimated cost will be. The instructions and guidelines are given to you while handling the glass lifter by our crew.


Glass lifting design and benefits

A glass lifter is specially designed for unloading, transporting, and installing large glass panels without any loss. It gets difficult to move the glass panels of a heavyweight for rotating at various angles. And there is a risk of it breaking.

Our different glass lifters even have a dual vacuum system for better performance. This also ensures safety at the construction site.

The benefits of glass lifters by Blotrack are as follows –

  • Our glass lifters even have a dual vacuum system, thus ensuring the team’s safety.
  • Glazing gets easy with our glass lifters. Glazing is the process of installing windows at a precise level. There is an accurate adjustment for glazing.
  • The machines are tailored for specific rotation and tilting of glass.
  • We are constantly updated with the latest technology and developments. We believe innovation doesn’t stop, creating new space for different and better things. Following this, working on and manufacturing new equipment is always ongoing.

We are in the field of customization we are the ones who can design the cradle as per your site’s needs. We have a “CURVE” SHAPE CRADLE, “W” SHAPE CRADLE, CRADLE FOR CHIMNEY WORK, “SQUARE” SHAPE CRADLE & “L” SHAPE CRADLE loaded with modern safety accessories. The company’s products are advanced in design, safe, reliable, and easy to use. They are low-cost and require simple maintenance.

We Set New Industry Standards

Boltrack Engineers specializes in Glass Lifting Equipment, offering Glass Lifter Hire and Glass Lifting Equipment Rental services. The company consistently delivers top-notch products with advanced machinery, sophisticated testing methods, and a commitment to quality. They have incorporated modern machining centres and computer-controlled tools into their manufacturing process and have developed their testing equipment for suspended platform hoists, fall arresters, and electrical control systems with safety locks. The company follows a strict quality control process, adhering to ISO 9001-2015 standards, and recognizes that the quality of its products is crucial to its success and growth.