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Building Maintenance Units

Building Maintenance units

Do you know what suspended platforms are? These are the platforms that are suspended from a certain height in order to carry out the construction or maintenance of any buildings.

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Boltrack Engineers are the leading Building maintenance unit manufacturers & suppliers throughout the country. These platforms are the most widely used building equipment required to facilitate various construction or maintenance objectives. 


Some key Features of our Building Maintenance units are as follows:


Accuracy of magnitude: One of the most significant concerns before buying any product is the accuracy of dimensions. The Chimney Suspended platforms manufactured by the building maintenance unit are accurate in magnitude and proportions.

·   Accuracy of performance: Are the products synchronizing with what the company claims? The similarity of actual performance to expected performance is the ultimate criteria for every customer. The Chimney Suspended platforms manufactured by the Business maintenance unit ensure performance accuracy.

·   Robust Design: The Chimney Suspended platforms by building maintenance unit suppliers have a complete design that provides efficiency and balance to the platform.


·   Rigid body: These Chimney Suspended platforms are constructed with solid and durable materials, facilitating sturdy construction, and giving them a rigid body.


·   Perfect finish: The flawless building maintenance unit is the key to uninterrupted services. The seamless finish of the Chimney suspended platform allows the product to be a front-runner in construction and maintenance services. 


·   Longevity: The durable material used for manufacturing these Chimney Suspended platforms contributes to the long-lastingness of the equipment. 


·   Loading capacity: These Chimney Suspended platforms are built with impeccable techniques and efficient technology, giving them remarkable loading capacity. The building maintenance unit materials are renowned for their tensile strength and feasible design. 


·   Quality control: Building maintenance unit suppliers provide high-quality assurance in safety and security. Our media have never faced accidents, and this impeccable safety is accredited to the strict quality control maintained by manufacturers. 


·   Abrasion proof: These building maintenance unit platforms are provided with a special coating that prevents the equipment’s wear and tear, making the platform durable and safe for workers.


·   Explosion-proof: The safety lock in this Chimney Suspended platform comes with a hot galvanized design with strong welding points that provides easy access to the hoist. 


Yes! We take great pride in the all-encompassing features of our Chimney Suspended platforms. However, these platforms are used for a variety of purposes. 


Some of the purposes of the Building Maintenance Unit are as follows:


· Building Maintenance Unit platforms are used for construction purposes, mainly for lifting people to a certain height. It also serves as a medium for loading material to higher levels. 


· The hoist of these Building Maintenance units is seamlessly constructed with rigid materials, which allows them to be used as a medium for transporting heavy loads from one place to another.


· The Building Maintenance Unit are also used for cleaning tall buildings or monuments. Structures located at higher height levels do not have easy accessibility, and these platforms provide easy access to such arrangements. 


· Our Building Maintenance Unit also facilitates the art of chimney wall painting. 


· These Building Maintenance units are used at various worksites for laborers working at huge tanks or stairways. These platforms strictly comply with height regulations and can also be used to work in large chimneys. 

Get your chimney suspended platform according to your requirements and as per the design of the chimney that you refer to.

We hope you have attained some clarity regarding the features of the Business maintenance unit. However, do not hesitate to contact us for further information in case of any doubts, queries, or expected clarifications. 


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