We supply and provide services for a wide range of hanging platforms(Gondola) with a pan India reach. Our manufacturing unit is located in Ahmedabad and we are expanding quickly since our inception in 2014.

The range of products that we offer are available on rent & hire basis in residential, industrial and commercial Project works and as well as Private Works areas. Manufacturing them in house we have been able to offer a high-quality range of gondola platforms to our clients at low costs.

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Wire Rope Suspended Platform

These suspended platforms are ideal for building facade decoration, construction, exterior cleaning, and building maintenance.

  • Decoration and construction for the external wall of the skyscrapers, installing curtains wall and exterior components.
  • Repairing, monitoring, maintenance, and cleaning for the external wall of the skyscraper buildings
  • Construction, repairing, and maintenance for large-scale infrastructure projects such as large tanks, chimney, dams, bridges, derrick.
  • For large ships – welding, cleaning, and painting
  • Installing and replacing billboards on buildings

Rope Suspended Platforms

Prominent and leading Manufacturer from Ahmedabad, we offer the working platform, wire rope suspended platform, wire rope suspended platform and gondola system.

Choose from our wide range of platforms available for hire on an immediate basis. Also if you have any specific requirements then our technical team will map out an exact solution and recommend the best available option from the suspended platforms available to rent.

For platforms, Boltrack engineers come with some unique features to support the growing demands of the contractors and industry engineers. These platform hoists from Boltrack come in different unique models to meet the unique site requirements. Especially for working in heights, Boltrack Engineers offer different models of suspended platforms

Every working platform is specialized for different requirements and provides parameters that can be differentiated in the following criteria: Transportation goods, traction, lifting speed, working platform length, control voltage, and power connection

These suspended working models of the equipment vary in size, loading capacity as well as speed.

  • SP1000
  • JSP800

Working with our platforms would be more comfortable and safe. Our high-class Gondola is just perfect, safe as well as comfortable to use along with convenience and immense durability.
Our dominant target is to put our expertise and experience to work for our customers, providing access to solutions that enable them to get their job done in the safest, most efficient, and profitable way possible.

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We are leading manufacturers and providers of hanging platform available for rent with an active presence in all over India. Quality is never cheap but we use advanced technologies for building platforms that hang so we can give them out for hire at affordable rates.

Our hanging platform system covers all safety concerned elements with a competent disguise entrance into one system. So, working at height with our hanging platform will be comfortable and safe for the personnel. Our top grade cradle system is perfect, safe and comfortable to use along with convenience.

Our hanging platforms are light in weight and easy to transport. Contact us today get more information on renting them. We are now accepting inquiries to rent our hanging platforms from all over India.

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